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Play the Game. Play to Win. Play to Survive.

Most people play the game: total immersion VR with full neural sync. But Hank lives it. In Unlimited Combat, he's one of the best. He makes his own luck. And he plays solo. Until now. When a player offers Hank fame and fortune, it's too good to pass up. To succeed, Hank must fight harder than ever before, pushing past the game's safety protocols. His life is on the line, and when he's captured, he knows he's in too deep. Can he escape? And who can he trust?

Join Hank in the game—if you dare.

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Trespass: A Tale of Mystery and Suspense Across Time

Three stories, separated by five thousand years, united by one deadly secret:  Somewhere, sometime, the stone is waiting. Trespass combines gritty, edgy modern-day action with a thrilling adventure across time. Discovered over 5,000 years ago, the Darkeningstone affects everyone who finds it. Jake was too smart to believe the rumours about Scaderstone Pit, but when he ventures inside and meets the beautiful Cally, all thoughts of danger are dismissed from his mind. But the risks are very real, and Jake is meddling with forces he cannot understand. What is the Black Stone of Scaderstone? And how can he explain the strange things that happen when he touches the stone? In 1939, as World War II looms, Scaderstone Pit is a working quarry. But when two men venture into a forbidden area, their lives will be changed forever. Over 5,000 years ago, a hermit worships the stone and the power of the Shades. He'll do anything to protect the stone's secret. But someone is watching him – someone with murder in his heart. Soon, he must decide how to act. What will happen when these different worlds collide? How will the tales unfold? And when it finds you, what will you see when you look into The Darkeningstone?

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Somewhere, Sometime, the Stone is Watching.

In the modern day, Jake hopes to find buried treasure. But what will he unearth? During WW II, four men take off in a single-engined plane. One of them has a deadly secret. In the Neolithic period, men struggle for life and fear the power of the shades. This novella is a thrilling introduction to the world of The Darkeningstone.

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Outcast is the Sequel to Trespass in the thrilling Darkeningstone series.

In Trespass, we saw Jake caught up in a chain of events beyond his control. Now, lost and alone in a nightmare world, he must learn to fight back, learn to survive. He’s determined–whatever it takes, he’s going home. There are many new characters to meet in this adventure, along with some of your favourites from Trespass. The tale of mystery and suspense across time continues.

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The compelling story of suspense and mystery across time continues.

Don't miss the thrilling 3rd part in this gripping trilogy.

In the year 3550 BC, a woman runs for her life. She must find shelter before nightfall. But why is she so afraid? In 1919, the new owners of Scaderstone Rock prepare to open a quarry on the site. But what will they discover? Will the secrets of Scaderstone be unveiled? And in the future, what lies in store for Jake? He needs answers. But where can he turn? There is perhaps one person who can help him. Scaderstone Pit looks forward into the future and peers even further back into the myths and mysteries of the distant past. But there's one thing you can be sure of: Somewhere, Sometime, The Stone is Whispering.

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Don't be afraid. They're just stories, aren't they?

Sometimes that noise you can hear upstairs is just the old floorboards creaking as they settle down for the night. Sometimes.

But there's no need to worry because, that face you saw at the window was just a reflection. There's no one else here. You're alone. But that's OK because you're safe in your bed. And all those things you fear deep down in the dark reaches of your soul… well, they only happen in stories, don't they? A Dark Assortment is a collection of seventeen stories; a chocolate box of handmade treats. But beware – beneath each richly decorated shell, there's a seed of delicious darkness. These stories with a twist are perfect for fans of Edgar Allan Poe, and if you enjoy books like Ray Bradbury's “Illustrated Man” and Roald Dahl's “Skin” then we'll get along just fine. Oh – before I go, I'll wish you all Sweet Dreams.

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Changes – A Collection of Short Stories

A collection of four stories on the theme of the changes that life can, and often does, throw at us. They may make you cry, but only a little. And only in a good, life-affirming way. Anthony's Letter Anthony is 11 and as he prepares to leave his primary school days behind him, he and his mother must come to terms with the gulf that has grown between them. Future A woman realises that she has let herself be defined by her husband. Now it's time for that to change. It's time for her to change. Something to Count On Malcolm is packing a bag, but what is he preparing himself for? Fading Away An old soldier faces life without his wife, with as much dignity as he can muster. Living alone, he recalls a dramatic series events from WW II.  Now he must live with the consequences.

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Areva dreams of the day when he will become a Scribe and contribute to The Collective – the tethered souls, connected to the God-Machine. The Scribes write the Universe into Existence, and it's Areva's destiny to join them. But as his time draws near, he hesitates. Perhaps the God-Machine serves a darker purpose. This story is a work of collaborative fiction written by a group of writers exploring the boundaries of Science Fiction. Here at The Collective SciFi, we’re working together to bring you thrilling new worlds and new experiences. This short story is intended as an entertaining introduction to The Collective SciFi and we hope you enjoy it as such. We'll be bringing you a wide range of new projects in the future, not just stories from the God-Machine Universe, and we hope you'll come along for the ride.

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