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free mystery fiction - Breaking Ground

All subscribers get this book for free.

It's a quick read and a great introduction to The Darkeningstone books.

free book by Mikey Campling

You'll also get this full-length novel free.

Trespass is the first Darkeningstone novel.

Free horror story free book Mikey Campling

Plus, you'll get this exclusive horror story for free.

After Dark is a contemporary horror story set in modern day Whitby, North Yorkshire; the location where, according to Bram Stoker, a certain count came ashore. A thrilling tale with a modern twist, you'll want to read this book with the lights on.

Free Sci-Fi Story cyberpunk

Plus, you'll get this exclusive members-only CHEATC0DE Story for free.

C0NTINUE? is not available to buy anywhere – it was written  especially for you.

This story is like a DVD Bonus Feature. It answers a single question from CHEATC0DE: What really happened to Jerry?

NB C0NTINUE? is NOT the next book in the series – it is a bonus piece written purely as an extra read for fans of CHEATC0DE. 

Optional Extra! Get a Free Story Every Month

Cool Optional Extra – A Free Story Every Month

free short stories

I don't know anyone else who is crazy enough to do this, but I've set about putting a whole bunch of stories together just for you, and when you sign up, you'll get a free story delivered straight to your inbox every month.

The stories are original material written by me and they're yours to keep. There's quite a mixture so whatever your taste, there'll be something you enjoy. You'll also receive some free audio stories – read by me. And all for free!

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Get Your Free Books Today

Get Your Free Books

There's More!

Believe it or not, There's Even More!

You'll also get exclusive artwork such as these HD desktop wallpapers:

Have a flick through these low-res samples of HD Wallpapers – Available in a range of sizes and Free to all subscribers.

Get Your Free Books Today

Get Your Free Books

Let's Get One Thing Straight,

I'm calling my newsletter subscribers The Awkward Squad. Why? Because, if we're going to get along, then we may as well start talking straight from the outset. My aim is to help my subscribers and make their lives more interesting in some small way.  But I won't do it the quick and easy way by spouting formulaic rubbish at you.  Sorry, but I never do anything the quick and easy way and I'm probably not going to start now.

Awkward Squad Members get free books and have access to exclusive members-only, content.

Sign up and you get a newsletter and free access to all my exclusive content. I shan't bother you to often (about once a month) and I shall keep the self-promotion down to the ‘Hey, I think you might actually like to know about this' level. I hope that's all straightforward. So go on, sign up.  You know it makes sense*

*The newsletter may not make sense at all, but if it doesn't it's guaranteed** to entertain you.

** Guess what – it's not guaranteed for goodness sake. How would that even work?  I mean, it is free and everything and I do work pretty hard to delight, educate and otherwise entertain all my readers, but hey, I'm only human.

Get Your Free Books Today

Get Your Free Books

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