This free short story has an interesting evolution.

It started out as flash fiction with just 100 words, then I rewrote as a slightly longer piece that you can read here.  Then, I decided it could be made better with richer details and rewrote it again.

Here's me performing a reading of it “as live” – so it's as near to a live performance as I can make it.  Personally, I think that this is a more interesting way to experience the reading than a highly edited video.  Yes, I do make a mistake or two, but then I probably would if I read it live to you in your front room, which, by the way, can probably be arranged.

Especially if you have pinot noir to offer.

Also, I know I need a pop filter.  In fact, it's on order so should be here tomorrow.  I've cleaned up some of the clipping effect for the audio version (which I'll post up very soon) but those pops are hard to get rid of.  I'm a writer Jim, not a god damn sound engineer.

Anyway, I do hope that you enjoy it.

I'll post the full text of this version up soon if you'd like to read it yourself.  It will be part of a collection of dark stories that I'm publishing soon.  If you'd like an Advanced Reader Copy, please pop your name on the list and download links will be emailed out to you as soon as it's ready:

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Feel free to share the video around and remember that commenters are very welcome.

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