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Launching today : A New British Mystery

The latest book in The Devonshire Mysteries, Murder Between the Tides, launches today (10 July, 2020)

This is the fourth book in the mystery series, and the story takes amateur sleuth Dan Corrigan and his friend and neighbour, Alan Hargreaves, on a jaunt to the Cornish coast in the middle of winter.

As an eclectic mix of characters assemble for a writers' conference, it soon becomes clear that there are deep undercurrents running through the group.

This is a cracking traditional mystery, with all the ingredients you love, served up in a fresh way: clues, suspects, red herrings and plot twists. It's all there.

You can find Murder Between the Tides on Amazon and for 90 days only you can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited or with your Kindle owners' Library if you use amazon Prime and own a kindle.

Find Murder Between the Tides here

or read on for more details…

No one expected a murder.

A hotel in Cornwall. A few days of peace and quiet by the sea.
Dan Corrigan was looking forward to the change of scene.

But he can’t help burrowing beneath the surface of every situation, and among his fellow guests there’s a rich seam of secrecy and deceit.
Then the cryptic typewritten notes start to appear. And when the fabric of truth begins to unravel, it’s up to Dan to piece together the facts, one thread at a time.

Some secrets should never be kept.

But when they’re too terrible to tell, all that’s left is revenge.

And it seems that, after all, the scene is set for a mystery.

The Devonshire Mysteries are traditional British mysteries in a modern-day setting.

These are cosy mysteries (or ‘cozy mysteries’ for Dan Corrigan’s trans-Atlantic fans). There’s a touch of dry humour and the stories pay homage to the legacies of Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle. You’ll always find a mixed bag of suspects, plenty of clues and a few red herrings, so that you could have solved the mystery if only you’d put two and two together.

Amateur Sleuth Dan Corrigan is quick-witted, driven and far too clever for his own good. Fortunately, his friend and neighbour, Alan Hargreaves, is the perfect foil for Dan's intellect. Loyal, dependable and with a knack for detailed research, Alan keeps Dan on track, and together, they make an effective team.

Recommended Reading Order

A Study in Stone
Valley of Lies
Mystery at The Hall
Murder Between the Tides.

Find Murder Between the Tides here


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