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About Michael Campling

(You can call me Mikey, by the way)
Michael (that's Mikey to you) has been a financial systems programmer, a website builder, a full-time dad, and a primary school teacher. As a teacher, his particular interest was in encouraging children to love books, and his lively readings were always popular. His proudest moment was when the parents of a boy with a learning difficulty told him that their son was begging for bedtime stories for the first time.
Today, Mikey writes stories with characters you can believe in, and plots you can sink your teeth into. His style is vivid but never flowery; every word packs a punch. His stories are complex, thought-provoking, atmospheric and grounded in real life.
Mikey has always read widely, and his work spans many genres, but all his books have one thing in common: respect for the reader. His motto: Amateurs strive until they get it right; professionals strive until they can’t get it wrong.
The best way to sample Mikey’s work is to sign up for his readers’ group, which is called The Awkward Squad. You’ll receive free books and stories, plus a newsletter that’s actually worth reading. Sign up below:

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