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Adding Your ebook to Your Reading Device

Don't Worry – it isn't hard

read your free ebook for suspense and mystery

Before we begin

I manage my downloads via dropbox links so that the downloads should be fast wherever you are in the World.  You do not need to have a dropbox account to download the files – the links open via the dropbox website and give you the option to download the files to your computer.  Here's a link to the dropbox help page on this subject: dropbox help

Send to Kindle – the very easy method

Amazon have provided software called Send to Kindle.  If you read a lot (and all the best folks do) it may save you time. You can get Send to Kindle from these links: here for PC, or here for Mac.

How to Sideload a File onto Your Kindle

This means using the USB cable that came with your device to transfer your mobi file from computer to Kindle device. Mac users will need to download a file program to share files between Mac and Kindle devices. 1 Connect your Kindle to your PC or Mac via USB. 2 Once you’ve connected your Kindle, use your file explorer program to open the temporary folder marked Kindle. Open the folder where you downloaded the mobi file in a separate window. On the Mac, you may need to click on the Android icon to access your Kindle folders. 3 Locate the folder in your Kindle named documents and drag the mobi file from the window on your computer into the documents folder. Once done, safely eject the Kindle from your mac or PC. When you turn your Kindle back on, your stories should be loaded and ready to enjoy.

For more details, download this help sheet for step by step instructions:

How to Transfer your eBook to your Reading-Device (pdf)

To Read on Your PC or Mac

Download the free Kindle app here. Once the app is installed on your computer, it will immediately read your free book files as soon as you click on them.

More instructions on how to add an ebook to your device can be found from these websites:

For Devices using the Kindle app:

For the Nook app:

For Kobo:

Please note that these are links to external sites and I am not responsible for them.

If these links are incorrect or out of date, please let me know via the contact page

NB: To misquote Dr. McCoy, “For god's sake, I'm a writer Jim, not a damn technical support guy.”

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