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 Writing a pitch or a synopsis can be difficult and frustrating – to put it mildly.  There just isn't the buzz you get from scribbling or tapping away at dialogue and action.  There's no sense of progression, no continuity, no…fun.  It's all just strip, strip, strip the whole novel back to its bare essentials.

BUT – it's go to be done.  Agents and publishers will want to see a pitch, Amazon listings need a description and paperbacks need a blurb.

And then, there's the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.  That must have a pitch of less than 300 words.  Here's mine.

Feedback welcome in the comments and if you do take the time – please accept my thanks in advance.

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The Pitch:

Jake should've listened to the urban myths about Scaderstone Pit and kept away.  But it's too late for that now.  He's seen the Darkeningstone, seen a glimpse of an old man in the distant past.  A vision?  Perhaps.  But there’s something else.  The old man looked straight back at Jake, almost as if he’d recognised him.

In the modern day, Jake is vulnerable amidst his parents' separation.  Peer-pressured into climbing the high fence around a disused quarry, he avoids the hazards of a dangerous illegal dump, and finds Cally; a beautiful girl volunteering on an archaeological dig.  Cally shows Jake a mysterious crystalline slab; The Darkeningstone.  Jake touches the stone and has a disturbing vision of the distant past.  But the present holds real danger for Jake when the notorious Brewer gang arrives.  This is their turf and Jake is trespassing.

In the Stone Age, Waeccan lives alone in the pit.  When he sees a vision of Jake at the Darkeningstone, there are far-reaching consequences.  But Waeccan also faces dangers; he's being watched.  The villagers fear the pit and now one man, struck by a personal tragedy, blames Waeccan and swears vengeance.

In 1939, as war looms, the pit is an active quarry.  When Vincent, a stonemason, finds the Darkeningstone, his life is changed forever.

Will Jake escape from the Brewers?  Will Waeccan be hunted down?  And will Vincent share his discovery?

Only one thing is certain: somewhere, sometime, the Darkeningstone is waiting for you.

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