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Just a really quick post today.  I'm relaunching my newsletter so that it will deliver better value to my subscribers.

I'm calling my newsletter, and its wonderful subscribers, The Awkward Squad.  Why?  Am I trying to be unhelpful?

No. In fact, quite the opposite.  I want my newsletter to be a resource, to be helpful and to be entertaining.

So what's awkward about that?

Well, me for a start.  You see, to me, being awkward means not just taking the easy road.  Sure, there are millions of blogs and videos and newsletters that stick to a formula and gain a following, but I can't bring myself to join them.

I've always done things my own way, and that will be reflected here.  I want to spread some useful info and, I hope, encourage us all to really think about what we're doing.

So I hope that sounds good to you.

If you are interested, then you'll want to know that subscribers also get unlimited access to free content, which for the moment I'm sharing via dropbox.  That way, there's no cumbersome membership process.  But I'll evaluate that procedure as we go.  I'll be adding content to that folder along the way.  There is already a free novella (a .mobi of Breaking Ground) and some desktop wallpapers, but I'll be making sure that there will be exclusive material sent out in the emails that is only for subscribers and won't be found anywhere else.

So, it's all free and all good and you can leave whenever you want.

For more details:

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To suggest a resource or idea that I could share with you all, please leave a comment or visit the contact page.

Thank you

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