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If, like me, you enjoyed the Wool Trilogy by Hugh Howey, you may be wondering what to read next.

Update: Some of you may have found this post while looking to see which book to read next in the Wool Trilogy – the answer is Shift which is book 2. Here's a link to Shift on Amazon – just click on the cover to go to your local store or select a flag to choose a different store:

[amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B00BFUB9MW]

I hope that helps. But if you've finished the trilogy and you're looking for a great read with some of the same vibe, read on.

Of course, it does depend on exactly what it was that you enjoyed about the Wool Trilogy. For me, it was partly the pace and twists and turns in the plot, but I particularly appreciated the sense of daily life continuing in the confines of the silos.  In each book, the silo is a character.  The characters play out their lives on its stage and they are the silo's pulse.  The setting, with all its many implications, lends an almost claustrophobic richness to the books. So here is something that has some of those qualities.

In the Mortal Engines Books by Philip Reeve, cities have become mobile.  They travel across the ruined planet battling for dominance and consuming each other.  Like the silos, each city has its own characteristics and hierarchy.  And like the silos, they give the characters something to strain against, something to overcome or escape from.  The pace of these books is lively and the characters are many and varied.  Like Hugh Howey, Philip Reeve uses his world building to lend a complex and richly satisfying dimension to the books.  There's a lot to enjoy in these books, whether you're a young adult or just a plain adult like me.

At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, I might also suggest that you'll like my sci-fi colonization serial, Colony B, which has some of the same sense of life going on within certain constraints. Set on an alien planet, these books follow the fate of a group of settlers living in isolation on a stretch of high ground that gives them some protection from the deadly wasteland below. Unlike Wool, my books also tell a story from the viewpoint of some outsiders who discover the settlers. The first book is called The Wall, and I hope you'll take a look because there's  a good chance that it will appeal to you.

Happy reading!

Here are some links to help you find the books in your local Amazon store.  Click on the images to find your local store, or hover and select the correct flag.

[amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B005EM8O5W] The first Mortal Engines book, so you can dip your toes in.

[amazon template=thumbnail&asin=B0749QZNPZ] My book, The Wall.

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