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I don't generally read zombie books, but then this isn't a generic zombie tale. There's a much stronger scifi flavour to this post apocalyptic tale, and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. This is a story that deals with the aftermath of an apocalypse, rather than the build up to it, although you won't be left in the dark as to the reasons that society has crumbled – these juicy details are revealed as the plot progresses. That may sound contradictory, but while some post apocalyptic stories feel like one long build up to an inevitable ending, this book takes a different approach and it works very well. To say more will risk inadvertent spoilers, and I hate spoilers, so on we go.

I've read this author's work before, and as usual, this author's style makes for a great read. The pacing is just right and you'll be turning the pages eagerly as you keep up with the characters. This is a very human story, with believable characters going through genuine emotions as they deal with a world gone mad. The relationship between the central character and her mother is touching and heartfelt, and you'll be drawn into the harsh reality of their lives. For those of you who like a bit of gore with your zombies, you won't be disappointed, but this book isn't all blood and guts. The author doesn't shy away from the visceral horror of some scenes, but these are delivered within the context of the plot so that they don't detract from the story. All in all, a good story well told. Give it a whirl – click on the cover image below to visit your local Amazon store:

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