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For fun and a prize, caption the cover of this new scifi comedy book.

Here are some notes to help you hit the right tone.

Dial G for Gravity is the new scifi comedy book I'm about to release. The humour is drawn from an unlikely combination of space opera and film noir private eye stories, so there are lots of references to pick up on. It has a fairly broad range of comedic content, from simple gags to more subtle wit, so I think it will have a broad appeal. It does contain a few F bombs, but the humour isn't coarse or offensive, but rather aims at gentle parody.

You'll need to tell us who's speaking. Is it the man or the woman? Is it the alien? Is it the poor sap getting abducted?

It's up to you.

Winners who are also members of The Awkward Squad will be offered a free ebook of the soon to be released book, Dial G for Gravity.

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So that I can offer you a prize if you win, please make sure you put in the correct email address when you comment. Only Awkward Squad members are eligible for the prize, but anyone can join the squad at any time – there are plenty of links on the site and we'll be happy to have you along.

Your email address is not shown on the site and I will not use it for any other purpose.

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