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Casting a book, that is, imagining a cast of actors who might fill roles in your story, is an interesting and enjoyable exercise. Yes, I prefer to use purely my own imagination during the actual writing, but when you're planning out a novel it can be very useful to have an aide memoire, such as an actor that can stand in for your character. And when you're writing feverishly and up to your elbows in plot points, story arcs, and so on, it can be very useful to have something to fall back on. For instance, if you're describing a grimace, a smile, or a half-hearted shrug, you don't want to be bogged down for half an hour while you try to picture how an imaginary person would do those things. But if you can picture Robert Deniro shrugging or Scarlett Johansson smiling, then you can describe that expression reasonably quickly and be on your merry way.

The sequel to Cheatc0de has a lot of characters, and I've found this process useful so I'm sharing a pinterest board below. I also use pinterest for compiling research so you might want to take a peek at my boards.

Now, for some people, seeing their favourite characters portrayed by someone who is very different to their imagined version is very annoying. So if it will spoil the book to look at the board below, then please don't!

Otherwise, enjoy it for what it is – an interesting exercise. And remember, comments are always welcome.

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