There are so many new sci-fi authors to try and so many new books and ebooks to explore, that it's easy to forget some of the authors that made a their mark a few years ago. Today, I want to go even further, and talk about a writer that got me into reading sci-fi in the first place: John Christopher.

His sci-fi is very accessible and can be enjoyed by children from age ten, which isn't to say that adults won't enjoy them as well.  His stories romp along at a good pace and the plots are gripping and memorable.  His characters are engaging and well-drawn and there's a great sense of drama and tension in the stories.  I can still remember my excitement when I encountered the tripods for the first time.

Here are some links if you fancy trying out some John Christopher – they'll help you find the books in your local Amazon store.  Hover on the images and select the correct flag.


Book I of the classic tripods series, if you want to dip your toe in, start with this.

The Tripods Collection: The White Mountains; The City of Gold and Lead; The Pool of Fire; When the Tripods Came
The whole set if you want the full tripods experience.

The Guardians
A different twist on a dystopian vision of the future. Dark, chilling and very enjoyable.

A Wrinkle in the Skin
I confess that I haven't read this one, but I like the sound of the global catastrophe.

Do you have some forgotten sci-fi classics you'd like to recommend to us all?

Then drop them into the comments – it what they're there for.

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