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At long last, The Darkeningstone Trilogy is drawing toward its exciting conclusion.

Scaderstone Pit, the third Darkeningstone novel will soon be available for preorder, exclusively on Amazon.

Here's the new cover:

scaderstone pit ebook

But what about the story?

Here's a taste of what you'll be getting…

In the year 3550 BC, a woman runs for her life. She must find shelter before nightfall. But why is she so afraid?

In 1919, the new owners of Scaderstone Rock prepare to open a quarry on the site. But what will they discover? Will the secrets of Scaderstone be unveiled?

And in the future, what lies in store for Jake? He needs answers. But where can he turn? There is perhaps one person who can help him.

This is almost certainly the final book in this series, and Scaderstone Pit looks forward into the future and peers even further back into the past.

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