NO! I hear you cry.  Do not pop those balloons! 

But relax – I'll have you know that beneath these balloons, I am fully clothed from head to toe, as all good Englishmen should be, in Harris Tweed.  And let me tell you, these boxer shorts are nothing if not itchy.

But enough blather.

It's Time to reveal the Shiny New Cover for Trespass

I haven't said much about this so far, but Trespass has been picked up by Seattle-based publisher, Booktrope.  The new edition has had a thorough edit, an oil change, and a couple of sprockets have been reground, but more importantly, the new edition will be more sumptuously laid out and presented, including a brand new cover from the talented Greg Simanson.

This book has been through a couple of cover versions, but it's great that Trespass finally has the professional cover it deserves.  I'm really thrilled with it, and I hope you approve.

* Pulls gold braided rope, crowd gasps *

Trespass - a tale of mystery and suspense across time

As always, comments are very welcome.  And if you know someone who might dig this cover, please feel free to share it.

I would hate for you to miss the official launch of this new edition, especially as I'll be doing my best to wangle some freebies and special offers.

Pop your email address in the form below and I'll make sure you're kept in the loop.

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All the best,

Mikey C

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