Hello again, how are you getting on with all your writing projects?  Stuck in a rut?  Would you like to improve your wordcount?

In this episode I talk about the ways that I've improved my writing process to build up my wordcount rate for my first draft.

Do you have any particular methods that have helped you to build up your writing rate?  Please share in the comments – who knows who you might help.

Getting a few comments on this blog will help me to carry on sharing ideas so please do jot something down.

Similarly, a subscription to my newsletter (with it's free flash fiction) and/or to the podcast on itunes (find this podcast on  itunes) will make the world of difference.  I'd like to build this podcast up into a really useful resource for indie writers and self-publishers and all those good folks who are interested in producing and reading good literature, but I really need to get some feedback and support from you guys.

Thank you in advance and, as always, thank you for listening.

Notes and Links

Learn more about Write or Die 2

The cost of Write or Die 2 – as of today, $20 (USD) was £12.30 (GBP)

For US readers, when I say ‘hashtag' what I mean is this little blighter # which I think you call a pound sign.  Confusingly, I suggest that US users could mark text they want to revisit during editing with a pound sign, and of course, what I meant was this £.  The mark you make doesn't actually matter of course, but I find it useful to use a symbol that has no other meaning so that it's easier to find later with a simple Ctrl and F.  Clear enough?  Great.

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