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If you're a member of The Awkward Squad, you'll know about the free desktop wallpapers I make for my gallant band of readers, and although it's not long since I made the last one, I felt inspired to create a wallpaper with an Andelian theme.

Here's a thumbnail, but please don't download it: it's far too small and low quality for a desktop wallpaper. Instead, check your newsletters for the link near the bottom, and that will take you to the shared album where all the wallpapers are stored. Alternatively, I've uploaded them to a Flickr album, and the link to that is in our Facebook group.

As a bonus photo, here's a slice of rural life. In Hennock, a village very close to my home, they've adopted the old telephone box and turned it into a library.

I love this kind of thing, but part of me worries that these pop-up libraries are the result of the cuts at local libraries. Growing up, I loved the town library, and it's sad to see libraries closing their doors. Many are kept open by volunteers, and that's great, but they should be properly funded.

Find the rest of my photos on this site

I often post photos on my instagram account.

I also have a shared album on google photos where you can see larger versions of most of the images that I share on the blog.

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