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If you're a member of The Awkward Squad, you'll know about the free desktop wallpapers I make for the members from time to time, and I've just produced a new one with a Gloabon Guild of Assassins theme.

Be the envy of your friends, terrify your workmates, or beautify your TV, phone, or tablet. Below is a thumbnail, but please don't download it: it's far too small and low quality for a desktop wallpaper. Instead, check your newsletters for the link near the bottom, and that will take you to the shared album where all the wallpapers are stored.

I hope you have some fun with this – I use it myself and it looks pretty cool – see below to view my setup.

I just made the monitor stand with an IKEA shelf from the bargain corner plus a pack of kitchen cabinet legs. The shelf wasn't quite big enough so I trimmed a piece of laminate flooring and glued and pinned it to the shelf. In honour of the new stand, the desk is tidy! I now have a crate of assorted papers to put in order and/or throw away; a job for one of those mythical quiet times that never quite seem to arrive.

If you use the wallpapers, why not take a photo and share it online, e.g. facebook, instagram or twitter? Tag me so I can appreciate your fine work space (or whatever). I'll send a free ebook to my favourite, and you can use any of the wallpapers from the collection.

Find the rest of my photos on this site

I often post photos on my instagram account.

I also have a shared album on google photos where you can see larger versions of most of the images that I share on the blog.

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