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We're lucky to have an area of allotments right behind the houses in our village, and since a bunch of us residents took over the running of the plots, we've been making some changes. I was on the original committee, but recently I've just been helping out every now and then with odd jobs, and the other day we formed a working party to get our new community plot going. The idea behind the community plot is to provide a space for anyone in the village who'd like to have a go at gardening but can't cope with the hard work of setting up their own plot.

Volunteers have levelled the site, laid down paths, and built raised beds painted in cheerful colours. I was helping to shift the waste soil from the levelling, and we were able to use the best topsoil to fill up the raised beds. We're hoping that with the level access and woodchip paths, young children and those less-abled will be able to plant a few seeds and pick the produce.

Spending most of my time at a desk, there's nothing quite like getting outside and shovelling a heap of soil to get fresh air and exercise. I just wish I hadn't grabbed a black shirt; I look like a member of some strange sect of guerilla gardeners!

The community plot opens this coming weekend, and we're giving out tea and cake to get people to come along.

Let's hope it all goes well.

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