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Real Life Inspiration

I often base fictional locations on real places, but I generally change them.

In my short horror story, Once in a Blood Moon, the action largely takes place in and around a holiday cottage which is set nearby a large farmhouse. I had this place in mind, but although this cottage is in Cornwall, I picked it up and transposed it to the north of England. So although the cottage in the story is different to the one pictured, the overall feeling of the place – the atmosphere evoked if you will – informed the story. For instance, the holiday cottage was separated from the large farmhouse by a wide farmyard, and that gave the cottage a sense of being apart from its neighbours, although it was funny to think of the owners living their lives nearby. Similarly, there was a garden on the other side of the cottage. At night, the garden disappeared into the shadows, and beyond, the dark countryside stretched out to the distant horizon.

In the countryside, away from streetlights, you can feel very alone. And you're probably safe. There's no one around for miles.

Or is there?

Because if something does happen to you, there's no one to hear your strangled cries for help.

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