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At the weekend we took a trip up onto Dartmoor and visited the popular tourist spot around Hay Tor. I've shared pictures of the area before, but this time it all looked different to me. The reason? I've started writing stories set in the Dartmoor area, so now, everywhere looks as though it might look good on a book cover. Lottie, our Labrador, managed to sneak into a few of the pictures, so there's something for all you dog lovers. For history buffs, the stone-lined track is all that remains of a tramway that was built to carry stone quarried on the moor. The granite was prized for building posh houses, so the tramway extended for some way.

A tor is a geological feature which I believe is the central core of volcanic rock that was left behind when the softer surrounding rock has eroded away, and the word itself is a corruption of tower, so Hay Tor may once have been called High Tower. I climbed to the top, despite the precarious ‘path' and there was one hell of a breeze up there.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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