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The light in September can be wonderful up on Dartmoor, and the other day, it was breathtaking, offering crystal-clear views for miles in all directions.

The gorse was in bloom, and the breeze was fresh, but it was warm enough for a picnic. Hound Tor is quite popular with tourists, but it as you'll see, there was still plenty of peaceful places to walk and drink in the views.

The remains of a Medieval village are always intriguing to visit. Imagine living up on the moor – nice in summer but hard in winter. I believe that the climate has changed since then, so it may have been possible to scrape out a living from the thin soil, and the moor was perhaps more sheltered with more trees.

Now, it's bleak but striking, and the when the light is on them, the texture of the rocks is something special.

Sue and I had a lovely day out, and Lottie (the black labrador you can spot in a few of the photos) enjoyed sniffing around the bracken.

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