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Dogwalking in Devon

This is something that I do pretty much every day, rain or wind, sun or snow, and though I sometimes grumble as I pull on my waterproofs, I know it does me good physically and mentally. I'm so lucky to be able to step out the door and march across the lovely Devon countryside.

There's something very satisfying about sharing the experience with a well-behaved dog like our Lottie – she's in her element and living in the moment, taking in a thousand scents that I can't detect. She's almost 9 years old but fit as a fiddle, and though she's getting a little set in her ways, frankly, so am I.

The flower pictured is, I think, an early purple orchid – always nice to see something a bit different in the wild.

Who needs the gym when you have hills?

Well, me, probably, but give me the great outdoors any day of the week.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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