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Hello again my awkward friends

Here are the links to the MP3 audio recordings, just for you. You can either play them from this page and listen to them now, or scroll down to the download links and grab the MP3 files from Dropbox (no Dropbox account required).

These stories were a lot of fun to record so I hope that you enjoy them.  The files are all DRM free so you can do what you like with them, but please don't share the link to this page.  If someone wants to download the stories, then they can jolly well sign up like everyone else 😉

Wait a sec – before you download your stories, how about a tweet? Just click the box below:

I just downloaded some free audio stories from @mikeycampling - you might enjoy them. Here's the link Click To Tweet

Thank you.

Option 1 – Listen here


Black Friday


Christmas Comes But Once a Year



Fifteen Days






A Face at The Window



A Monster Under the Bed

Option 2 – Download the MP3 files from Dropbox

(NB no Dropbox account needed – if you're prompted to sign in or register on Dropbox, just dismiss that prompt and proceed to the files)

Black Friday – A Short Horror Story

Christmas Comes but Once a Year

Fifteen Days – A Horror Story

Floorboards – A Dark Short Story

A Face at the Window

A Monster Under the Bed

You might want to bookmark this page and visit it every now and then to see if any new recordings have been added.

If you have any problems with the files, please give me a shout via the contact page


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