Hello to all my brothers and sisters in ink.

Although I'm not doing nanowrimo myself this year, I'd still love to offer a little something to help you to keep writing.  So I've put together a desktop wallpaper at a range of resolutions to motivate you.  I want you to remember that EVERY word counts, and that EVERY word, even if you amend or delete that word soon after writing it, is a step on the journey.

Here's a sample:

nanowrimo desktop - free desktop wallpaper - sample

NB Dont' try to use the sample as your NaNoWriMo desktop wallpaper – it's very small and will look horrible.

Now, I hate to be mean, I really do.  It goes completely against the grain, but I have promised my email subscribers (The Awkward Squad) that they'd get first dibs on new content, and I can't let them down.  So to get these wallpapers, you will need to sign up below.  When you confirm your subscription, you'll get an automatic email with a link to a dropbox folder.  There are some other freebies in there, including a copy of my suspense/timetravel/paranormal novella Breaking Ground.

If you don't see your confirmation or welcome emails, please check your junk folders and in gmail, your social tab.

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Thanks for subscribing and I hope you enjoy the wallpapers, but above all…

Good luck with nanowrimo 2014

Keep writing, keep those fingers moving, and above all, keep smiling.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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