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Hey stranger… I hear you're in need of a free short story.  Well, I guess you just found what you're looking for.

Here's the second and final part of the free short story mini-series, A Face at the Window.  I hope you didn't mind waiting one day to see the end.

If you haven't read part 1, well here's a link to it: A Face at the Window Part 1 Go on – catch up.  I'll see you back here in ten minutes.

And if you'd like to explore this whole mini-series thing I've got going, then the previous free story min-series was called Safety, and here's a link to part 1:  Safety – Part 1 

So, without further ado, please extinguish your cigarettes, fasten your safety belts and grasp your gin and tonic firmly in your hand, as we reach the thrilling climax of:

A Face at the Window – Part 2

The man stares at Rachel, looks her in the eye.  Her sudden entrance has startled him but he is not afraid.  A grim smile plays across his lips.  He steps back from the window and Rachel takes in the dark uniform, the padded waistcoat, bristling with pockets.  Police.  He puts his hand to the radio attached to his waistcoat, and Rachel runs.

The staff room door slams shut behind her.  How did they know?  What had given her away?  As she pounds down the corridor she fumbles in her pocket.  She's got to get rid of the evidence.  She throws the cigarette lighter down as she runs.  A shame.  It was her favourite.  Just keep running, she tells herself.

There.  Just ahead, this corridor meets another.  If she turns left, she'll head into the reception area.  And beyond that, there's the main entrance.  The thought of bursting out through the double doors is almost too tempting.  Almost.  But they'd have that entrance covered.  Of course they would.  But if she turns right, there's a fire exit at the end of the corridor.  All she'll have to do is slam the locking bar upwards and she'll be free.  Sure, it will set off the fire alarm but so what?

Rachel hurtles around the corner and runs for all she is worth.  Her breath rasps in her throat, her heart pounding, her blood singing in her ears.  Behind her, a volley of shouted commands boom and roll along the corridor.  They're getting closer, their heavy boots thudding furiously against the wooden floor.  There must be scores of them, an army of angry policemen.  But Rachel smiles.  The fire door is almost within her reach.  A few more strides and she'll be gone.

She skids to a halt and grasps the locking bar with both hands.  But before she can push it, a shadow falls over her.  She looks up.  And there, on the other side of the fire door's reinforced glass, is the policeman, a grin of triumph on his face.

Rachel's shoulders slump.  She turns her back on the door, leans against it, and as she gasps for breath, she faces her pursuers.  There are only two of them, but even so, it's all over.  For tonight.

But there will be other nights.  And although she's lost her favourite lighter, she has plenty more at home.  She allows herself a small smile.  Petrol, she thinks.  Next time, I'll bring petrol.

** end of A Face at the Window **

Phew! Hope you enjoyed that twist in the tale.  I really enjoy  writing stories that don't follow the well-worn paths of so much fiction.  After all, in real life, people are incredibly surprising – stories should be unexpected too.  I hope you enjoyed it and do feel free to share and comment. I always respond to comments because they are very much appreciated.

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