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Here's a free story, written in just 150 words.

It was written for the Flash Fiction Challenge for November on Paper Swans and I'm glad to say that it won.  Wahey!  And thanks to everyone who voted on Paper Swans.

The original prompt for the story was this pic of a roller coaster.


I do hope that you enjoy it.

Good Times

Scott grabbed his tools and started his safety checks.  He clambered up the track, running calloused hands over metal worn smooth.  His fingers knew every inch of the roller coaster.  Five years, he thought bitterly, and never a raise.

He coughed and spat on the track. The long hours had stolen his health.  Still, he had a job to do.  Never a problem on his shift.  You could take that to the bank.

And they did; pocketing the profits of his thankless labour.

He moved on, finding a loose nut and selecting the correct spanner.  The work had a rhythm.  He’d finished long before the customers arrived.

He watched them queue, listened to their nervous chatter.  If only they knew.

In his pocket, he fingered the crumpled letter. They were letting him go. And his hand brushed against the cold nuts and bolts.

“Let the good times roll,” he whispered.

Hope you enjoyed that story.

If you did, a comment would be great and will encourage me to go on sharing my stories with you all.

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