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The Indie Author Power Pack: How To Write, Publish, & Market Your Book

If you're at all involved in writing and self-publishing, or even if you're just thinking about it, then you may already have some of the books in this set, but read on.

I still recommend that you buy it because it will enable you to complete the set for only 77 pence (99 cents or whatever your local currency is) and two of the books are 2nd editions which means that they have extra content that's bang up to date.  And you must stay current if you want to get more out of self-publishing.

You also get access to a video featuring the writers, though I haven't checked this out yet.

I already owned two of these books, and I ordered this box set like a shot.

Here's a couple of comments on the books I already have:

Let's Get Digital is a great primer in the world of selfpub.  David Gaughran's writing is clear, informative and incisive.  You will learn something new from this book, even if you've been publishing your own writing for a while.

Write, Publish, Repeat is a useful guide to the overall process of writing and self-publishing.  It will give you a lot to think about and will help you to develop a productive approach to your writing.  This book will particularly appeal to fans of the authors' podcast, The Self Publishing Podcast, but most people will enjoy the lively and informal style.

I haven't read Joanna Penn's How to Market a Book, but Joanna is a fantastic source of valuable information in this field, and I'm very much looking forward to reading it.

For a very small outlay, you will get a collection of resources that will build your knowledge and stand you in good stead as you develop as a writer.

Get it quick – I'm sure this offer can't last long, since all these books are still on sale at full price.

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