Here are a few of the things I've found interesting during the week.

All links are correct at the time of posting, but I'm not responsible for them, so if they're not available for some reason, apologies.

Beyond Today

A podcast on technology and society. In this episode, an artist suggests that advances in tech are creating a new dark age.

Music – the Trunk of Funk

I like the Craig Charles show – yes, he of Red Dwarf fame. No sci-fi here, but 30 minutes of soul and funk floor-fillers. This week with a Dusty Springfield theme:

Classic Drama

A dramatisation of Solzhenistyn's classic, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. This is a book that I love to read. It's a classic rooted in the minute to minute grittiness of survival in a Russian prison camp, and the author had first-hand experience.

Less Than Classic Viewing?

I was looking forward to Good Omens on Amazon. I haven't read the book, although I am a Terry Pratchett fan. I believe that fans of the book are enjoying the show, but I found it a mixed bag. I like Michael Sheen and David Tennant but the stars didn't really seem to shine. The show doesn't seem to know who it's for. It came across like a children's show with laboured jokes and set pieces. You may disagree! I might give the second episode a shot as I want to like it.



Read – 500 Words Final

I applaud the BBC writing competition for children. A wonderful idea, and the kids produce astounding work. You can read about it and you can see some of the stories being read by top actors.

Podcast – Grenfell United

Today it's two years since the tragic events at Grenfell Tower: a terrible fire that claimed many lives. This was a disaster that could have been avoided, and it tells us something about divisions in society.

The story speaks for itself, and as you might expect, there are powerful descriptions and strong language. Some people might find it upsetting.