In a new feature, I'll be sharing some of the things I've found interesting during the week.

I like to listen to all kinds of things, and you know what they say about radio: I prefer it to TV because the pictures are so much better.

Relax because I'm unlikely to share the same tired, over-hyped stuff as everyone else. Each to their own and all that, but seriously, I'm not sure whether anyone else needs to be told when a person watches a popular TV show because, hey, it's popular, so…y'know, we could all guess that they watched it. Anyhoo, I'm not here to judge anyone.

Here's the stuff that's grabbed me this week, and I hope you find something you enjoy.

All links are correct at the time of posting, but I'm not responsible for them, so if they're not available for some reason, apologies.

Suggs (of Madness fame)  – Love Letters to London

Gentle wit and humour livened up with songs in front of a live audience. A terrific listen, even if you've never been to London.:

The Vinyl Cafe – Calgary

Another gently entertaining and humorous listen. beautifully presented and includes a story that will raise a smile. Another live performance nicely done.

A List for all Trek fans

A complete list of all Star Trek episodes and films in date order, and I mean ALL of them.

A Read for Devotees of the Coffee Bean

A brief guide to types of coffee maker and a judgement about which is best – you may not agree, and I'll bet Dan Corrigan would have very strong feelings about this.

A Podcast for people who love the Appollo missions

This is a treat if you want to immerse yourself in the drama of the first moon landing.

A Dark Dickensian Tale

I like Dickens, and this is a dramatisation of his last work, The Mystery of Edwin Drood. He died before completing the tale, but the BBC commissioned this dramatic version to finish the story. Starring Ian Holme, it's a wonderful tale.

A Film With a Subtle Bouquet 

Bottle Shock. On Amazon Prime Video – an entertaining story starring the late Alan Rickman. If you can get past Chris Pine's 70s hair, you might enjoy the fairly predictable tale of wine folk in the Nappa Valley, and if you glug a glass or two at the same time, the whole thing will go right along nicely.