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The Children of the Stones

I've been quite shocked at the similarities between my Darkeningstone books and this radio drama. It's a good listen and well worth checking out.

The radio series is a reboot of a TV show that aired in 1977. It's conceivable that I watched it, though I have absolutely no memory of it. I suppose the theme of portraying standing stones as a kind of portal through space and/or time is an evergreen one.

The radio series leans much more towards the paranormal end of the spectrum, and I wanted to suggest in my books that, while the stones can act as a portal, the narratives involving spirits are created by human beings at various times, all with agendas of their own.

Here's a link to the series on the BBC website: Listen Here

If you'd like to know more about the Darkeningstone books, you can begin with the prequel for free.

Image credit: BBC (see link to BBC website above)