A Dark Assortment, my collection of dark short stories is on countdown sale at only 99cents or 99p on Amazon in the USA and the UK, but this is the last day! Sorry for the short notice, but if you want to grab 17 short stories for a bargain price, the cover image below will take you to the Amazon store in your country:

The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Sale and Giveaway

An even bigger deal, if you're like me and you love to grab bargain books, is the sci-fi and fantasy promotion being run by the Self Publishing Roundtable site. At the time of writing, there are 27 sci-fi and fantasy books, including my new cyberpunk technothriller adventure Cheac0de, all at a reduced price from April 27-29. But even sweeter than that, there are giveaways with Kindles to be won. The promotion is being run in the UK and the USA so you can win a Kindle and have it delivered whether you're in the UK or the USA. I believe that there will be other prizes such as Amazon vouchers, but the giveaway isn't live until tomorrow. So if you visit the link today, please bookmark it and return between 27-29 April and enter the giveaway. I'd hate you to miss out on the chance to win a prize.

Here are some links to the Sci-fi and Fantasy Sale and Giveaway page:

scifi fantasy bargain books

Visit the Scifi and Fantasy Sale and Giveaway

I've put Cheatc0de down to the special price of 99 cents for this promotion and I did this ahead of time so if you like, you can go ahead and bag a fast-paced page turner of a book for a bargain price. The cover image below will take you to your local Amazon store:

CHEATC0DE (The Downlode Trust Book 1)

NB: After 29 April, Cheatc0de will be going back up to $3.99 and £2.99 so if you're interested, get it while it's hot.

I hope you find something you enjoy in all these sales, and good luck with entering the giveaway.

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