On a distant planet, the wall keeps the settlers alive. But today, they will make a discovery that will rip their world apart.

Experience the Colony B adventure in one book.

Contains the Colony B books 1-4: Wall, Trail, Control, Rift.

Far from Earth and shipwrecked on a desolate alien planet, the settlers strive to carve out a life.
They are lost, they are alone, but at least they're sure of their survival. Until now.
On one fateful night, the settlers are thrown into chaos. Not only do some of their young people go missing, but out there, in the deadly wasteland, there are headlights carving through the darkness.
They are not alone.

Find out more when you explore the world of Colony B, but for your own safety, stay behind the wall.

Contains the four books of Colony B:

The prequel, Skeleton Crew, is free when you join The Awkward Squad.

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