As a writer, it's vital to keep facing new challenges and exploring the literary landscape. Well it is for me anyway. I'm never going to be one of those writers that finds a nice little niche and churns out a hundred books, all variations on a theme. So when a new and unique writing opportunity came my way, I jumped at the chance.

I'm proud to announce that I am now part of a group of writers called The Collective SciFi. The group, started by writer Drew Avera, is very new but is already gaining in strength and ambition. We're planning to produce lots of great content for our readers, and with us all working together, there'll be some exciting opportunities for collaboration in the pipeline.

A central part of the initial idea is that The Collective is part of a story itself. All the writers have an alter-ego in the form of a Scribe, and the Scribes' names are anagrams of our own. My Scribe name is Yemick Mingal for example. In our vision, the Scribes are tethered to a god-machine which keeps them alive and provides the mechanism for a collective consciousness. Then, as the Scribes write their stories, they write the universe into existence. Cool huh?

There are already a few of the Scribes' log entries up on the site at and there'll be a lot more to see soon. If you fancy a read, my log entry is here: read my log entry

At the moment, we're working on material that will be free for readers so it's well worth keeping track of what we're doing. One great way of doing that is to like our Facebook page, where we're already posting new items pretty frequently. Here it is:

I think that The Collective SciFi is going to be great. There are lots of ideas whirling around our minds and plans for a new anthology of original work are taking shape. We're also talking about audio books too, which will be wonderful.

This is an exciting part of my journey as a writer, and I do hope that you'll come along for the ride.

As always, comments are incredibly welcome so please feel free to tap away in the box below.


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