Welcome to all intrepid writers embarking on NaNoWriMo.  I've recorded a vlog which I hope will help you on your way.

Please note – my main hope for this video is that it will make you smile and nudge you in the direction of not taking yourself too seriously.

Anyway, why record a vlog and then write a blog about it?

No reason.  I hope that you enjoy the video – please feel free to add your two penn'orth (that means ‘have your say' where I come from) by leaving a comment.

Good Luck

Video Notes

Well done to everyone starting NaNoWriMo. I hope this little inspirational peptalk will give you a smile and help you on your way.
I talk about the things you need for nanowrimo, and about the things which you really, really don't.
Keep Writing.

Mikey C


Scrivener for Windows

Scrivener for Mac

The above links are affiliate links – they don't cost you a penny and they help me to keep writing – thank you.

PS – I now know where Helsinki is, and I'm sure it's delightful. No offence meant. I can only apologise for my geographical ignorance.
PPS – I'm sure that viewers in Reykjavic are not upset by my implication that Helsinki is similar. I simply meant that to me, they are equally exotic destinations that I'd love to explore.


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