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To celebrate the impending release of the sequel to Cheatc0de, The Trust, I've put out a new cover for Cheatc0de and reduced the price to 99 cents/99p/equivalent lowest price allowed worldwide!

The Trust will be available for pre-order within a few weeks, so you may want to get ahead of the game and grab the first book for this special price. When The Trust comes out, this will turn Cheatc0de into the first book in a new series which I'm calling The Downlode Heroes, after the mysterious and powerful Downlode Trust which was introduced in Cheatc0de and will feature in the later books.

Here's a link to your local Amazon and if everything is working properly, it will show the latest cover too.

[amazon template=image&asin=B01C622N0O]

And here's a larger picture to give a better viewing experience.

scifi book cheatc0de cyberpunk ebook cover


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