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Yesterday I hit publish on a new horror story!

After Dark is a contemporary horror story set in modern day Whitby – the town where, according to Stoker, a certain Count came ashore. Whitby is not far from the town where I grew up, and with its ruined abbey, it's an atmospheric place. I had a hoot writing this story, and I hope that you enjoy it.

Here's the blurb.

When another body is discovered – a young woman washed up by the tide – it seems that someone stalks the streets of the nearby town of Whitby, after dark. Someone who preys on young women, and kills them in a very singular manner. And as crowds of Goths arrive to celebrate an annual festival, the scene is set for a gothic tale with a contemporary twist.

In recent years, Whitby has held an annual Goth festival, and this surreal event sets the stage for a deliciously dark tale.

Please note that this is a short story of approx. 10,000 words.

Click the image below to see a preview via Amazon or use the following button to see everywhere that this book is sold:All stores for After Dark

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