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I've been busy branching out onto different stores. Starting with the Devonshire Mysteries, my books are appearing on Kobo, Apple, Google play, Barnes and Noble etc.

I'm publishing pretty much everywhere except Smashwords which has a clumsy interface. Sorry if you rely on Smashwords, but I've just logged in to see if it's been improved, and it's still too clunky.

Whatever stores you use, please do have a hunt for my books, and I'll appreciate your support.

As a reader, I've used the Kobo app on my computer, and it's very slick. On my phone, I found the google play store to be very easy to use, and the reading experience was good despite the size of the screen. Google play seem quite keen on discounting books – they don't ask the author, they just drop the price, so you might find a bargain. I think I still get paid the same amount, even though the price has been reduced, so go ahead and grab a bargain if you can! For instance, in the UK, Valley of Lies is marked down at the moment.

I'm also selling my books direct via payhip, and you can see my store here. The store is linked to my Bookfunnel account, so if you can download the books from payhip or from Bookfunnel – whichever you find easier.

Why buy direct from me?

You get exactly the same ebooks, both as mobi for kindle and epub for everything else, but you can also get special discounts. For example, if you look at A Study in Stone, you'll see two ways to earn discounts. The first says ‘Refer a friend and get 20% off', and the second is a button marked ‘Share and get 15% off'.

I'll appreciate it, because I get to keep a bit more of the money, and importantly, I get it straight away. In contrast, Amazon pay me 60 days in arrears, and that's quite a while to wait. So if you'd like to support my writing, here's a link to that store: see my store here

Reading for free or on subscription

I'm also making my books available to some subscription services like scribd, Kobo+, 24symbols and library services like overdrive.  if your local library is a member of the scheme, you should be able to borrow my books for free, and they have more information over on their site. I just downloaded the Libby app, and after a couple of false starts, I managed to log into my library and even find one of my books. If you try, you'll probably find my books marked as ‘not owned'. That means that your library service hasn't bought them, but if you genuinely want to borrow the book, you can click the ‘Recommend' button, and your library will consider purchasing it.

The funds for public libraries are always stretched, so don't do this lightly, but my books are probably much cheaper than the likes of James Patterson. Those bestsellers charge libraries quite a lot because their books are heavily borrowed, but mine are just a few dollars each.

At the time of writing (June 2020) this is still a new development, and some stores are quicker to update than others.

If I can help you to get my books in a way that works for you, please comment below and let me know – I'll do what I can to help.

Happy reading!

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