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Let's get a little thing out the way – this is just a little opinion piece.  I'll try to be balanced and fair and if you think I'm wrong, that's your prerogative.

I like  Peter Capaldi as an actor.  I've watched his career over many years, and I've always found him very watchable and believable.  I'm sure that he's a committed and talented actor.

Also, I know it's always hard when a much-loved character is suddenly played by a different actor.  And I'm sure it's hard for them too.  They need to take on a part and make it their own, and that's got to be tough.

I'm getting the feeling, and all that's it is, just a non-scientific feeling, that Peter Capaldi isn't all that popular as Doctor Who.

But, I'm not sure whether there's a really problem with Peter Capaldi playing Doctor Who.  Recently, we've had some quite charming and charismatic actors, and Peter Capaldi is delivering an edgier performance.  Personally, I think it's about time.  Doctor Who has sometimes over emphasised the comedy aspect of its plots and even come across as a sci-fi spoof.  I get it, I really do.  Tongue in cheek is fine.

Doctor who has been around a long time and they've played out just about every combination of monster and alien that they can think of.  If the show sometimes pokes fun at itself, that's great entertainment.  But it's a hard line to follow.  It's very easy for the scripts to tip over into comedy and that doesn't work well in the context of the show.

But now, we have an actor who I would suggest has been deliberately hired to lend more gravitas to the role.  I applaud that.  I love the way that Doctor Who shows have higher production values and bigger budgets these days.  That's the way I like to see sci-fi done on TV.

The problem comes when we bring the two together: the serious casting and production versus the lightweight, self-referential, tongue in cheek scripts.

So here's my conclusion.

If Peter Capaldi's performance seems to sit uncomfortably with the core audience of Doctor Who fans, it isn't because he's the wrong actor or that he's not doing his job properly.  The problem is that the production team haven't adjusted properly to the challenges and opportunities that the new actor provides.

You've given us a heavyweight, more serious Doctor, now give us some plots that will move us, frighten us, or shock us.  Bring us open-mouthed to the edge of our seats.  Give Peter Capaldi something to get his teeth into.

This series has been watchable, but it's been a long way from unmissable.

Comments are welcome, unless you're some kind of ranting, driveling moron, in which case, facebook is thataway.

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