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pic of the day - leeds armoury

This is the room in the West Tower of Campling Castle, which I visit when I need to equip my fictional characters with the necessary weapons to disembowel their enemies. Just kidding. I took this snap in the Royal Armouries in Leeds a few years ago. A free museum, the Royal Armouries in Leeds houses a vast collection of weaponry from across history, and they even run demonstrations. When I was there, the man showed a gun and asked if anyone knew what it was. The adults were mystified but every small child raised their hand. It was an AK 47. And this, in an age where many kids can't identify a stick of rhubarb. It struck me as sad, but at least it gave the museum expert a chance to explain that unlike in Call of Duty, there is a terrible cost to human life when lethal weapons are scattered across the globe like confetti.

A poignant place to visit. Nevertheless, if you wanted to do some research for a historical novel, this is the place to go. You can learn more about it here:


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