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I think I've finally hit on a formula for providing content on Patreon, but please let me know what you think.

I'm writing a collection of new short stories, aiming to produce a new story every week and post them on my blog. But it's a much nicer experience to read stories as properly formatted ebooks, so I'm going to go the extra mile, collect the stories into monthly anthologies and format them as ebooks. These monthly anthologies will be exclusive to patreon subscribers only, and only at the Trespassers level.

Each monthly anthology will be available via bookfunnel because their service provides a pain-free way for readers to collect ebooks.

Will I be selling these stories on Amazon? Possibly, but I'd need to accumulate a long list of stories to make that viable, so any commercially ebooks will be a long way down the line. Patrons will see these stories as ebooks waaay before anyone else.

In case you're wondering how the pricing works, your pledge is only taken monthly, so even if I go wild and compile more than one anthology per month, your pledge should only go out once.

I hope that all makes sense. I know that I'm looking forward to creating lots of original and fresh stories for you.

If that sounds good to you, here's the patreon page

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