Space Team is one of those books that take you by surprise. The humour works well, and there's a nice variety of jokes, from the simple to the sublime, so pretty much anyone will crack a smile as they read, and many of us will laugh out loud. But this book isn't just a bunch of jokes. I mentioned surprise, and the thing that grabbed me more than I'd anticipated was the characters: you'll find them effortlessly well-drawn, warm, and engaging.
On top of all this, the fast-paced plot of Space Team will carry you along for the ride. As you might expect, the team itself comprises an eclectic cast, with plenty of sharp banter as the rag-tag crew face a variety of off-the-wall situations. This series has a loyal following, and after reading this book, you'll know why. So, if you enjoyed Red Dwarf and Galaxy Quest, give Space Team a try. You'll be in for a treat.

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