Many of you have written to me, saying that you enjoy the quotes I've been adding to our newsletter. Some of you have even sent me your own favourite quotes on books and reading.

So it occurred to me that this could be a great feature for the newsletter.

If you have an interesting, entertaining or inspiring quote that is in some way related to the world of books and reading, please post it in a comment below. But we're not limited to talking about books. If your quote is about something else, but it was penned by a great writer, that's fair enough. Personally, I like to see light-hearted quotes about life in general, so anything humorous will also be good, e.g. a great one-liner from a comedian.

If I choose your quote, I'll give you a name check in the newsletter, so please fill in the comment form carefully, as I'd hate to call you by the wrong name.

Please don't put links in the comment – the system will treat your comment as spam.

It will help me to choose your quote if it's from someone well known, as I'll have to spend some time checking each one before I post it. If I can't verify your quote, I won't be able to use it, so steer clear of quoting anyone too obscure.

I'd be grateful if you would avoid anything political or religious.

Similarly, it's best to avoid quoting anyone who might be a divisive figure. There's enough negativity around without any us needing to add to it.

The newsletter is family-friendly.

That's it!

I'm looking forward to reading your quotes.