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Thank You for Joining The Tribe

Welcome to The Tribe

A few organisational tips to get you started:

Some of the emails in this group are time sensitive, so it's a good idea to make sure they don't get misfiled as spam. In gmail, you might like to drag them from your promotions tab and into your inbox, and you can click here for step by step instructions for gmail.

Please join the Facebook group – this is by far the best way to keep in touch and get a response, and again, it's great for anything time sensitive: Join our exclusive Facebook Group

Find me on goodreads, and that should make it easier to post your reviews: Find Mikey on goodreads

Follow me on Amazon – it's not 100% reliable, but Amazon should send you new release notifications – there's a Follow button under my profile pic: or or for other Amazon sites, my author page will be at something like:

You can also follow my new releases via site called Bookbub: Follow Mikey on Bookbub

I spend a certain amount of time on twitter, so please follow on there: Find Mikey on Twitter. I always appreciate any retweets and mentions, but it's hard to keep track of who's who among all the notifications on twitter, so if your message is important, the Facebook group is better, and if it's very important, I read every email as soon as it comes in.

If you email me at, please be sure to mention you're a Tribe member – you could even put it in the subject line. I have no PA to help out with these things, and I tend to drown in emails, but I'll prioritise any messages from you folks.

Any Suggestions?

I'd like to make this group into something special, so if you have any ideas of ways I can improve the group, please pop them into the form below:

Before you go, how about a tweet to show willing? Just click the box below:

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Thank you for all your support in the days ahead.

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