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Colouring A Character

Some time ago, I persuaded my daughter to draw me a picture of Morven, a very important character in the second Darkeningstone novel, Outcast. I dont' know why it's taken me so long to realise that this would be perfect as a colouring sheet. The link below will take you to a pdf file on google drive and you should see a download icon on the top right corner. Feel free to do this just for fun, but for an added incentive, we'll have a competition. To win an ebook, take a snap of your completed picture and post it on instagram along with the hashtags #Darkeningstone and #bookstagram. If you post it elsewhere, e.g. twitter or facebook, please tag me so I'll see it. On twitter, I'm @mikeycampling and on Facebook, my page is authormichaelcampling

I hope that's a workable system, but you could also come back to this post and leave a comment along with a link to your entry.

By the way, if you know someone who enjoys colouring, please feel free to share the this post or the sheet – they can even enter the competition.

It will take me a while to pick a winner as I'm being dragged away on holiday for a while, but I'll pick some winners and contact them.

View and Download the Colouring Sheet

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