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If you've been around the blog before, you'll know that I have a fascination for all things Neolithic, and you'll also know that my Darkeningstone books are partially set in that fascinating time period.

You can imagine that I get ridiculously excited about the Neolithic mound that lies deep beneath a local reservoir. We know about mound because the TV show Time Team carried out a dig several years ago when the reservoir was drained for repair. Now, we've just had a very dry summer, and for the first time, it is possible to walk out to the mound. So of course, I braved the slightly worrying looking mud. It did settle a little under my weight, but I got there, and it was exciting to stand where people stood thousand of years before. I didn't find anything on the ground that looked noteworthy – I think the archaeologists picked it clean.

An online search for Tottiford (the name of the reservoir) and Neolithic and/or Time Team will find you everything you need to know.

That's all from me for now. I hope you enjoy the photos.


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