At about this time of year, the dog walk takes a different route.

The nearest public footpath leads through a field that belongs to a stable, and while the horses stay in the shade of their stables for the summer days, come autumn, they start spending the day in the field and the nights inside. We could march through the field anyway – I'm sure the horses are used to dogs and people – but I prefer not to risk it. I really don't want to upset the horses, and there's another walk we can do, so we stride manfully, and dogfully, up the lane in search of pastures new.

This path takes us quite high, and we get great views of the Teign Valley. although it's just a ten-minute walk from home, you quickly get a sense of being in the open countryside. I've shared similar pictures before, but to me, the scenery is always changing, and the light at the end of September is wonderfully crisp and clear. There are no filters or effects on these pictures, and I hope they give you a flavour of what it's like to live surrounded by all this beautiful countryside.

I hope you enjoy the photos. For larger versions, tap or click on a photo to open an image viewer, then when you're done, click the cross on the top-right.

Find the rest of my photos on this site

I often post photos on my Instagram account.

I also have a shared album on google photos where you can see larger versions of most of the images that I share on the blog.

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