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Unfortunately, or very fortunately indeed depending on how you look at it, writing is a very nebulous art.

So here's my caveat: There is no one right way to write and free advice is usually worth what it costs.

But if you feel passionately about your story, then let your characters tell it for you.  Decide who they are – i.e. who they are when they're alone in the dark.  What goes through their minds.  How do they see the world?

Be prepared to get to know them and then set them free – let them surprise you.

Give them problems to deal with and see what they do.

And they don't have to be apocalyptic problems.

Give them headaches or petty arguments with their spouses.  Take away their parking spaces or give them summer colds.  Give them crying babies and long, slow queues at supermarket checkouts.  Make them tired, hungry, irritable, tipsy.  Send them to unsuccessful parties. Rain on their barbecues.  Feed them on disappointing sandwiches and tepid water.  Break the air-conditioning in their cars on the hottest day of the year.  Instruct their bosses to cut their salaries. Stub their toes when they least expect it and ring them up them up in the middle of the night, just when they've finally managed to get to sleep.

Do all these things and more.

And above all else, enjoy yourself as you write. It will give you the motivation to carry on and that is what counts.

I hope that helps.  If you have your own similar tips, please leave a comment.

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Keep scribbling and tapping at those keys.

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