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People always ask writers where they get their ideas.

Well, they get from a big shop.  It has a cafe and tills and everything.  You can spend the whole day filling up your trolley.  It's filled with exciting words that seem to come from a foreign language.  And there's furniture too – lots and lots of furniture.

*Receives a note*

Ah.  Sorry.  That's not the Idea store, that's the IKEA store.

Well that explains a lot.

Seriously though, did you just imagine the Idea Store for a moment?  Did you at least try to picture it?

Imagine the aisles in the Idea store: Notions, Inventions, Solutions, Miscellaneous Wheezes?

Could you take an item back for a refund if it turned out to be a Bad Idea?

What would they have in a sale – 10% off Brainwaves?

OK – now where did you get those mental pictures from?

Well, wherever it was, that's the place that stories are born.

And yes, that is my best answer.  Do I look like a neuroscientist?

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