Here's a very short story to send shivers down your spine. Enjoy.

Night Rats

At night they slip from beneath the wardrobe, creep between his sheets. He lies still, paralysed, as claws pierce his pyjama trousers along his thigh, towards his crotch. Attracted by warmth and scent.

His own scream wakes him. Groaning, he pushes away the sweat-soaked sheets and stumbles towards the bathroom. Too late for sleep now. Shower, breakfast and in to work. The security guard asks after his health. The strain must show.

At his workstation he checks the schedule then dons protective gloves. Skin tests. His subjects often struggle whilst being shaved.

The samples are ready. Today he will be testing antiperspirant.


I hope you enjoyed that little tale.   Please feel free to share it.

Comments always welcome and I respond whenever I can.

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I posted this story in response to a flash fiction challenge on Chuck Wendig's site


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